Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder is a multichannel video server. The DVR readily integrates with analog CCTV infrastructure and IP Cameras for target applications for the security and surveillance.

DVR is a DSP based high performance solution with low per channel cost. Smart Streamer is designed for simplicity and easy integration with the legacy analog CCTV systems and IP Cameras. DVR can be easily installed and configured in the existing infrastructure using web-based graphical user interface. DVR integrates with video management software for live viewing and recording.

Some of the Important Features of DVR

  • Multi-Channel streaming and live streaming support
  • Complete Design and Development on TI OMAP platform
  • Support for Analog and IP Cameras
  • DSP based system offers a low per channel cost solution
  • Event based video recording (Data Storage in .MKV format)
  • Support for Live, Multi-Channel Recording and Playback
  • Real-time performance with H.246 or MPEG4 video compression
  • Software framework with APIs for integration with existing video management software
  • Media transport over RTP/RTSP
  • Local Live display over HDMI and Analog TV
  • Application based on streamer media frameworks
  • Easy to use web based application for system configuration
  • Available in 4/8/16/32/64 channel