Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Whether it is an industry, corporate giant, healthcare facility or a commercial property; susceptibility prevails everywhere. To tackle this area of concern, one needs to assess the importance of reliability in place. At Vashishta , we work towards being that partner you can rely on.

The priority for any corporate or commercial security or fire solutions is protecting personnel and assets. With so much at stake, it gets even more crucial to invest in a comprehensive security plan – one that is carefully structured to monitor, track and prevent any external or internal threat with the help of an external resource.

We are specialized in the fire safety domain. We are channel partners with some of the best of the best product manufacturers in the world.

Our services include:

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Detection System
  • Fire Flooding System
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Sprinkling System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Water Curtain System