Water Curtain System

Water Curtain System - The Nozzle distributes water in a flat curtain extending all the way to the ground.

Water Curtain Nozzle when mounted in pendent position acts as a window spray nozzle to protect interior walls,windows and other opening of the building which are affected by fire.

The nozzles when mounted in horizontal position with flow towards ground, a flat water curtain are produced to segregate the area which is underfire.

High / Medium Velocity Water Spray System employing Pipes with water flow for a specific discharge and distribution over the protected area through the open Nozzles, supporting automatic actuated deluge valve which contains of Air or Nitrogen pressure and initiates the flow of water from all nozzle attached there to. Nozzles used for High Velocity water spray system are called “Projectors” and Nozzles used for medium velocity water spray system are called “Sprayers”.