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Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Safety is the most essential of all Security systems irrespective of the space domain. Fire Safety measures are vital and enforced under the law to be mandatory in many domains including Schools, Hospitals, Hotels and Commercial areas with high footfall. At Vashishta we offer comprehensive services in Fire Safety management to effectively maintain round the clock vigilance to ensure the protection of people and physical assets.

Commercial Fire Safety – Commercial Fire Safety in an essential requirement in all sorts of commercial spaces that usually have high footfall. At Vashishta we provide commercial fire protection services to ensure your safety from all unforeseen mishaps down the lane. We help you to assess and determine appropriate Commercial fire security models to make sure that no risk goes unnoticed. Also, The Commercial CCTV systems/ surveillances systems we incorporate ensure round the clock vigilance to put any fire accidental risk at bay.

We also provide Access control systems in commercial spaces that help you to prevent violation or unwanted intervention of anybody into your confidential space or data systems. We provide robust solutions and highly sophisticated equipment to monitor access control systems in commercial space.

Fire Safety in Schools – Fire Safety in Schools is the most essential of all domains. Despite the fact, that all schools are enforced under the law to have stringent security solutions that Constituents School Fire safety and CCTV surveillance systems in schools to create a safe and secure place for children. Besides conducting fire drills frequently, it is also required to actively monitor and improve the scope of fire protection systems in schools. We provide

Why is Fire Safety important in Schools?

Senior Secondary schools usually have chemical labs, Workshop labs or Science labs that store huge amounts of hazardous components. They can be the apparatus or products used, these apparatus needs to stored properly and to be taken care of thoroughly to prevent the ecosystem of Schools.

For this practice, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Fire Protection Systems, and Access control systems in all schools are of high paramount. CCTV surveillance systems in schools can be helpful to provide thorough vigilance in places that are devoid of people. This also helps in securing the ecosystem of school. Besides that, a proper Fire Protection equipment would be helpful to prevent any mishap or fire hazard from happening. Besides that Access control systems in schools help to a great extent in securing place/things that may be harmful to be handled by children in the absence of adults. We at Vashishta provide Fire Safety Solutions in Schools to safeguard the children and their learning ecosystem from sorts of hazards.

Fire Safety in Hospitals

Fire Safety in Hospitals is the most crucial model to be implemented since patients in a hospital cannot be evacuated in any situation until left to no other option besides it. There could be patients who are on life supports/ ICU/ Ventilators etc. for whom evacuating from the place could be equal to life-threatening. To avoid the same in Hospitals, Fire safety equipment has to be designed to be accustomed to prefer Prevention and suppression over evacuation which could not be preferred until a worst-case scenario.

Multi-specialty Hospitals or Hospitals with high numbers on in-patients or admitted patients require robust Hospital Security systems like CCTV surveillance systems, Fire safety prevention systems and access control systems to guard against every nook and corner of the place. There should also be technologies and systems present to help in hospital evacuation during fire accidents. Our Professionals would help you in understanding and assessing all the potential threats involved in building and maintaining of robust fire safety and security systems in hospitals. Reach out to us to know more about our services and products.

Our Fire Safety Solutions include:

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Flooding System
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Sprinkling System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Water Curtain System

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