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At Vashishta we are into the supply of robust fire sprinklers systems which are devices that are connected to external water sources which in turn enable us to prevent further spreading of fire during fire accidents. We furnish different types of fire sprinklers systems that include wet pipe systems, standpipe systems, hose pipe systems, deluge pipes, and pre-action systems.

Wet-pipe Sprinkler System – Automatic system of sprinklers is attached to a pipe that is connected to a water pipe or source. This is most common in all types of sprinkler systems.

Dry-pipe Sprinkler systems- In this system a set of automatic sprinklers are connected to a pipe that contains air or nitrogen under pressure. The release of air of nitrogen triggers the release of valves that let water to flow from within.

We provide a wide range of Fire Hydrant System Dealers in Hyderabad, which are of paramount importance in Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Commercial areas, and other relevant spaces.

Our product line of Fire Hydrant Systems include

  • * Compression Type
  • * Toggle Type
  • * Slide-gate Type
  • * High pressure hydrants
  • * High pressure pilot-valve hydrants

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